High school kids know how to make an impression. That's the lesson Keith Urban learned during a Q&A session with more than 200 Nashville high school students at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum this week. The first to blow him away was a student he deemed "Barbara Walters" because she used her time in the spotlight to focus on a hot topic: whether or not he'll be a judge on the next season of "American Idol."

"I would love to do it and hopefully that happens," Keith told the students at the event dubbed "All Access: Keith Urban" (quote via The Tennessean newspaper). "I did get to do a similar role in Australia for 'The Voice,' and I really enjoyed it. The thing about those shows is that mentoring aspect; it's all about passing it on."

Another ambitious student, who introduced herself as "Tyler from the Nashville School of the Arts," asked how often he works with dancers. "Including live shows and videos?" he asked facetiously, before revealing, "The answer is never." But Tyler didn't back down, responding with, "Well, I think it would bring a lot of attention to your music."

The father of two was obviously taken by the student's gumption, and noticing she had her resume with her, he asked the dancer to bring it to him on stage. After the exchange and a quick hug, Keith said, "If there are dancers in my next video, you'll know Tyler has been very effective."

The singer-songwriter also answered queries about how one learns to write a hit tune. "It's best to forget about rules when it comes to songwriting," he professed. "As soon as someone says, 'Well this is the way you do it,' someone will write a song that defies everything, and breaks every rule, and has pure expression in it. If you have a burst of inspiration, that's the best thing."

Keith also offered hope to those who are struggling to express themselves, but encouraged them to surround themselves with people who give them constructive feedback. "If you're an artist, you're a visionary," he explained. "You have a vision of what your art may be. No one may understand it yet, so you have to believe in yourself. But you also need people around you that you can trust and who will tell you the truth about what is good and what isn't."

Before leaving the stage, the Aussie obliged a fan request with an acoustic performance of his No. 1. hit, "Stupid Boy." Oh, and as he exited, he made sure to take Tyler's resume.

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