Louisiana-born, London-based Americana singer-songwriter Kate Ellis is premiering the music video for her song "I Believe" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

The inspirational title of "I Believe" is actually rooted in self-doubt: Ellis says she wrote the tune for the times when even the strongest people need a little support from the outside.

“This song is about those times when you don't believe in yourself but, luckily, someone else does," Ellis tells The Boot. "I love how the video brings together people’s beliefs from all over the world that would never normally be seen in the same place. They give the song a kind of global, three-dimensional resonance it otherwise wouldn’t have.”

In the "I Believe" music video, the focus is all on Ellis' distinctive vocals, but fans should take note of the words that are displayed across the bottom of the screen. Thanks to technology, the video crawls the #IBelieve hashtag on Twitter, capturing tweets including "I believe we don't know everything" and displaying a different collection of thoughts for every viewer. (Editor's Note: The embeddable version of this video, above, does not rotate tweets; visit Ellis' official website to view the dynamic version of the clip.)

“Even though "I Believe" is a personal story about the connection between two people, the sentiment of belief is so universal that no matter where in the world these tweets are coming from, they seem to fit the context of the song," Ellis notes. "There’s so much commonality between the things we feel strongly about and the things that matter to us. I think that’s very comforting to see. Deep down, we are all the same, and we care about and feel the same things.”

"I Believe" appears on Ellis' debut album, Carve Me Out. Visit KateEllis.com to order the record or learn more about Ellis.

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