Country up-and-comer Kassi Ashton turned heads when she appeared at the 2018 ACM Honors in late August wearing a homemade holographic pink jumpsuit and cape, but the singer says that her outfit choice was more than just a fashion statement. Ashton's decision to make and wear her own clothing, even while walking a red carpet, represents her resourcefulness, imagination and ability to work with the materials she's given -- literally.

"Well, my mom didn't have much money," she explained to The Boot on the red carpet at the ACM Honors. "She would have clothes donated to her, and so she learned how to take 'em in drastically, and that's where I picked it up from."

However, Ashton notes, her interest in making her own clothes is about more than necessity: "I've always been the kind to, if it doesn't exist, create it," she goes on to say.

"That's pretty much where the clothes thing came from. I get an idea in my head, and if I can't find it, I'm forced to sew it," she adds. "I don't think I'm a very good sewer; I just have good ideas. And it's not falling apart, so we're all good."

Ashton applied that interest in designing her own outfits to the music video for her new song, "Taxidermy," which she says drew inspiration from everything from New York Fashion week to pop icon Rihanna. In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Ashton recently walked her fans through the inspiration and design for each outfit she created for the video.

"I got really inspired [to show people the creative process] by Taylor Swift," the singer explains. "She showed all the behind-the-scenes of her making the album, like, actually writing the songs. I thought it was great ... I thought people would wanna see that, instead of me just saying, 'Oh, I made this.' Then you don't get the proof."

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