Per a recent Instagram post, Kane Brown will appear on Chris Young's next album, Raised on Country.

The short clip, posted by Young on Friday (May 10), only reveals that Brown cut vocals for an unnamed song while Young tours overseas -- but any news about what Young calls his "favorite album as a whole" is good news. The project, the full details of which are forthcoming, will be Young's follow-up to 2017's Losing Sleep.

Young and Brown know each other well: They've collaborated before, on Brown's 2016 track "Setting the Night on Fire," and joined forces on Young's 2018 Losing Sleep World Tour. Young was even a guest at Brown's Oct. 12, 2018, wedding.

There's no release date yet for Young's eighth studio album. The expected track list includes the title track, a feel-good anthem called "Hold My Beer, Watch This" and a heartbreaking ballad titled "Drowning." Young has shared snippets of the latter two songs on social media.

At a recent press event attended by The Boot and others, Young didn't share too much about what will be on this next album, but he did indicate something that will be relatively rare on the project: "Probably the thing that's on there least is love songs," he says. "The two love songs that are really straight, no-question love songs were actually [written by other songwriters]."

The project will also include several collaborations beyond the fruits of Brown's recent studio visit. "There's a lot of guests on the record that nobody really knows about yet," Young hints. "So, I really do think this is the best record I've ever made."

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