"Top to bottom, I think it's my favorite album as a whole," Chris Young gushes about his forthcoming new project. Release details have yet to be announced, but at a recent press event, the singer clued The Boot and other media members in on some details.

According to Young, the name of his new record will be Raised on Country, a title it shares with its lead single, as well as Young's 2019 tour. And, Young says, "Everything's on there. There are so many different thoughts. There's so many different ideas -- things I've said before, things I haven't said before."

The singer goes on to explain that this new album is the product of hard work and a lot of time -- and it shows: "There's things we've actually gone back and done again, because we were like, 'I think we can do it better,'" he admits. "Which is not something that I feel like I've gone out of my way to do in the recording process in the past. We had demo vocal that was amazing on a song, and flew it in, fit it in the track perfectly, and then ... I told them, 'Hmmmm, I wanna sing it in the studio where I sing everything else.'"

Young didn't share too much about what will be on this next album, but he did indicate something that will be relatively rare on the project: "Probably the thing that's on there least is love songs," he says. "The two love songs that are really straight, no-question love songs were actually [written by other songwriters]."

Additionally, on social media, Young has shared a few snippets of his new music. Those teases include a taste of a new, feel-good anthem called "Hold My Beer, Watch This" and a heartbreaking ballad of loss that he says his one of his favorites, "Drowning."

The project will also include several collaborations. "There's a lot of guests on the record that nobody really knows about yet," Young hints. "So, I really do think this is the best record I've ever made."

In every aspect of the next chapter of his musical career, Young set out to grow and challenge himself. He's confident he succeeded.

"I do really and truly feel like I am trying to at least meet the level of everything that has been awesome that I've had happen to me in my career before," he explains. "So I've put in as much work as I possibly could. I want this to be something truly special, and I think it's gonna be."

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