Country up-and-comer Kalie Shorr may have known ahead of time that her song "Fight Like a Girl" was going to be played on country radio, but the singer says that didn't make the experience any less special. However, she points out, her favorite time that she ever heard her song come on the radio was actually the second time around. Read on to learn why, and to hear the whole story of Shorr's first time hearing herself sing on country radio.

That was such a crazy experience for me. I was playing at the Listening Room with the Song Suffragettes, and I was playing a song called "Fight Like a Girl." It was just a YouTube video I'd put up with a demo I'd done. My manager gets a call from SiriusXM, and I remember he thought it was a sales call. He was like, "Oh, they're gonna try to sell me some radio thing."

And then he answered, and they were like, "Hey, we really love Kalie's song and we want to play it on the radio." And we were like, "Ummm, let me think about it!" I'm kidding. We knew it was coming, so I remember I sat down with my friends and was just super, super excited about it. You just work towards that your whole life, and when it happens, you have no idea it's going to.

But I will really, firmly stand behind this: The coolest time you can hear yourself on the radio is the second time. Because that means people liked it. So when I heard it the second time, that's when it was like, "Oh s--t, this is actually happening." That was really special.

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