Kacey Musgraves has released a music video for "Are You Sure?" her duet with Willie Nelson. The ethereal video shows Musgraves and Nelson seated at a bar, before they take the stage under a pink-hued light, singing the ballad together.

The song, which is a hidden duet at the end of Musgraves' recent Pageant Material album, was originally recorded by Nelson for his 1965 Country Willie -- His Own Songs album. But it was Musgraves, who brought up the song to the 82-year-old while sitting on his tour bus, that inspired the new collaboration.

“He couldn’t believe I knew it,” Musgraves recalls. “I just really loved it. It’s very honest and very country, [and] it’s a neat perspective. He seemingly pulled a guitar out of a cloud of smoke and started strumming. I was of course dying inside a little bit.”

It seems their admiration goes both ways, with Nelson admitting that he has a lot of respect for the young singer.

“This is the one she wanted to do,” Nelson says. “It’s one of those obscure songs of mine that I wrote many years ago in Nashville.

“I’d love to record with her,” he adds. “She’s a great artist.”

The Texan says that she was inspired not only by Nelson, but by other country music legends, in recording Pageant Material.

“I was really inspired by a lot of the classic records and artists I love: Glen Campbell, Jim Croce, Bobbie Gentry, Marty Robbins, Roger Miller, Charley Pride,” Musgraves says. “Records that set an even tone throughout are ones that I usually gravitate towards.”

Download "Are You Sure?" on iTunes.

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