Fittingly enough, one of the dreamiest tracks off of Kacey Musgraves' 2018 album Golden Hour was written while the country singer was in "a little bit of an altered state." Musgraves explains that, to her, "Slow Burn" represents the beauty of being patient and watching life slowly unfold, a theme that has been important in many aspects of her life.

To learn more about the song "Slow Burn," including how it gave Musgraves a chance to poke fun at one of her own bad habits, read on.

I was sitting on my porch one night [in Summer 2017]. I might have been in a little bit of an altered state, but I just had a little bit of an open mind and open heart, and the words "slow burn" came to me.

It's just an ode to the pace of something unfolding in a nice and slow way. I thought to myself, "The best things in life are a slow burn -- something you enjoy the journey of." It doesn't always have to be about getting to the end, about what gets there the fastest; it's just kind of about enjoying the ride along the way.

I can apply that to a lot of different areas of my life -- like, my career, taking my time. Nothing's a race; do something that's right for you because it feels right. Relationships. Friendships. I was thinking, even in the drink in my hand -- enjoy it, don't knock it back. That's kind of where [the song] came from.

Also, it's one of my most autobiographical songs; it's very personal to me. The opening line of the song, ["Born in a hurry / Always late / Haven't been early since '88"], I am definitely poking a little bit of fun at myself, because I was born a month early, and I struggle with having a little bit of a time management issue sometimes. So it's me poking fun at myself in little ways.

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