The big event for Kacey Musgraves during the 2018 CMA Awards may have been her win in the category of Album of the Year (for Golden Hour), but the country star also impressed with a special custom-made black Versace suit with golden details that she'd picked out especially for the occasion. Backstage after accepting her award, Musgraves told media that the ensemble was more than just a fashion statement -- although it certainly was high fashion.

"Well, that's only my favorite thing I've ever worn, probably," Musgraves comments. "Versace made my custom suit tonight for the red carpet, and it's really special to me for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it's paying homage to my childhood, to wearing western fashion growing up and singing traditional country music."

The Golden Hour star goes on to say that the outfit also embodies the philosophy she wanted to embrace on her newest record of having one foot in the past, but also capturing  some futuristic elements, too. "It's a nod to the past, but it's also got a foot in the future, and that's kind of my favorite aesthetic," she explains.

On her award-winning new project, Musgraves says, she wanted to experiment in some of the genre's new directions, but that doesn't mean she's leaving her traditional country listeners behind, and she wanted her Nudie-inspired suit to reflect that. "I think this album has reached well beyond country music," she continues, "but also I wanted to give people who do love country music something, too. I didn't wanna leave that behind. I wanted to take it with me."

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