Justin Moore earned his sixth No. 1 hit with "You Look Like I Need a Drink." The song, Moore's debut single from his 2016 album Kinda Don't Care, was written by Natalie Hemby, Rodney Clawson and Matt Dragstrem; for his part, Moore was initially drawn in by the track's title. Below, Hemby recalls writing "You Look Like I Need a Drink," while Moore explains what made the song special to him.

Natalie Hemby: We were basically sitting around, and “You Look Like I Need a Drink” was a title I had. At first, it could have been such a funny song, but I was telling Rodney -- I can’t remember who said what -- why don’t we make it more about a breakup song, like someone’s going to give you bad news on a relationship?

So, we basically wrote it, but when we wrote it, we did two different versions: We did a girl version and a guy version. Rodney’s voice is amazing, first of all; he’s got a voice like Don Henley -- just a very nice, warm tone to it. He sang the one demo, and I sang the other one. Even when I sing it live, I sing it a little slower and a little sadder; I try to bring my Chris Stapleton out, when I sing it live. Matt did the track for it, which was awesome.

If you listen [to Moore's version], it’s not a huge departure from the demo, which I actually like, because sometimes you can get a song cut, and you’re like, “Wow, where did that guitar loop go?”

It was a really fun day.

Justin Moore: This one’s really cool, because this one’s kind of a comeback after a bit of a departure from not only radio -- I think we went a year without a new single, or close to it. You’d like to think if you take a little bit of time off like that, that people won’t forget you and move right along to the next guy. But you also like to think that the relationships you made with radio were valid ones and genuine and would last through a break like we took.

The fact that this song was a big record, I think, solidified those thoughts. It was really special for me to get back on the radio, especially to kick off a new album, which took three years to put out. The fact that we took the extended break and came back out of the gate with a No. 1 record is really, really special.

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