Los Angeles based singer-songwriter JT Roach is premiering his song “Tipsy Love” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Readers can press play below to listen.

Roach wrote “Tipsy Love” during a frustrating time for him, both personally and as an artist. He’d just moved to California to pursue his music career, and things weren’t coming together as quickly as he might have liked.

“I wrote it at a low point in my LA experience, when I was living in Sherman Oaks, when I first moved here," Roach tells The Boot. "I was running out of money and thought I was going to have to move home."

As its title might indicate, "Tipsy Love" finds Roach exploring his relationship with alcohol, and how drinking has affected his relationships and life, for better or for worse.

"I got drunk at a bar by myself and realized how much my life had changed since my life in Madison, Wis., after college, which I looked back on and missed a lot," he adds. "It is a bittersweet song, because my relationship with alcohol has led to some great times, and to some s--tty ones as well."

A successful songwriter who’s written for and with major acts such as Jason Derulo, Roach is making the transition to a solo artist with his debut EP, Witches Lake, on which “Tipsy Love” will appear. The EP is set for release on Nov. 16; fans can visit JTRoachMusic.com to learn more about the artist, his music and his upcoming shows.

Listen to JT Roach, "Tipsy Love":

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