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Josh Turner understands when fans want to get up close and personal with him, since it wasn't that long ago that he was just a huge fan himself. He remembers going to great lengths to learn about his idol Randy Travis when he was young, even traveling to Randy's hometown right to his father's doorstep to try and find out everything he could about his hero. Looking back on it now, he sees how his actions could have been misconstrued or seemed a tad extreme, but it made perfect sense at the time to an anxious, eager kid with big dreams of his own.

"I went to Marshville, North Carolina and went to Randy's high school and just kind of drove around that town and then went to his daddy's house to try to meet his daddy, which, from the things I've heard, I'm glad he wasn't there when I showed up," Josh tells 973thebuck. "He probably would've met me at the door with a shotgun or something.

"I'm just kidding!," Josh adds quickly. "But I did meet his neighbor from when he grew up and she was a little old lady, and she had a big ol' poster of Randy that had been signed on her wall, and she was sweet as she could be. This is what young fans do. They try to meet their heroes. They try to meet the stars that they love, so, it was an innocent thing back then. I've been able to talk to Randy about it and he was a little shocked, but so was Johnny Cash when I knocked on his door, but anyway, it was all worth it. See, I have stories to tell now!"

Josh recently told the Sun News he is planning on building a cabin to use as a songwriting getaway, since he's having trouble finding time to write these days with his hectic touring schedule.

It's not just his tour schedule that's hectic, however. This week the father of two announced that he and his wife are now expecting their third child.

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