The wait for Josh Turner's new album is almost over. The singer says that he hopes to release his brand-new project to his loyal fans soon -- and he hopes that his latest set of tunes will stand out from much of what is currently on country radio.

"I think there’s too much gratuitous [music] out there right now. That’s what gets old to me," Turner tells The Boot. "I’ve always tried to make my music positive, but life is not always positive, so I’ve always just tried to write and record songs about real life. There’s some things I refuse to sing about, but overall, when I make a record, I want people to walk away from that record feeling better about life and about themselves than they did before they heard the record."

It's been more than three years since the 37-year-old released his fifth studio album, Punching Bag.

"I’ve been working on this record for about 60 years now, it seems like anyway," Turner says. "Nobody is more ready to get it out there than me. We’re hopefully going to have a new single out in the next month or two, and hopefully we’ll get it out sooner than later. I’ve been going back in, making some last-minute changes and making sure everything is right."

The debut single from Tuner's new set of tunes, "Lay Low," was released last year. The song depicts life off the road for Turner, when he gets to spend time with his wife Jennifer and their four sons.

“[The song] painted a mental picture of our cabin and how secluded it is. It’s where we go to get away from it all and reconnect with each other, to be reminded of what’s most important,” Turner says. “Laying low is something Jennifer and I love to do. We most always have to make the time to do it, because as you can imagine, we don’t just have ample amounts of idle time.”

Download "Lay Low" on iTunes.

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