Josh ThompsonIs Josh Thompson's dating life heating up? "Me, Jennifer Aniston and Norah Jones are caught in this huge love triangle," the singer tells The Boot. "They both super love me, but I just really don't have time the time right now ..."

OK, so maybe that's just in Josh's dreams ... but it's what he'd like to have the press believe someday. "[That's] if I was going to fake a scandal," he says, laughing. "I'd come up with something even better if you'd give me some time, but I have somebody in the studio here looking at me like, 'Be careful what you say right now!'"

In the meantime, Josh will be making less controversial headlines in May when he joins Brad Paisley out on the road for the H2O tour. Josh's latest single is the title track of his debut album, 'Way Out Here,' which he co-wrote with David Lee Murphy and Casey Beathard.

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