Josh Thompson is actually working on two albums these days.

He has not only recorded about eight tracks of his as-yet-unnamed sophomore album, but he's also producing an album for Chris Cavanaugh, a Nashville singer/songwriter who has built buzz playing his own shows and opening for Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Pat Green, the Randy Rogers Band and Justin Moore.

"I have known him for a really long time and I just really believe in him," Josh tells The Boot of Chris. "His voice is cool, he's a great guitar player, and he's out in his van playing 100 shows a year. That's something that shouldn't be overlooked."

Although Josh says that adding production duties to his already jam-packed schedule is a challenge, he's confident the results will be worth the effort.

"My life is one big schedule," says Josh. "I'm the kind of guy who would rather be working than doing anything else. I've always been that way about music. The high point [of working with Chris] is getting everything out of the songs that I absolutely love."

Chris' CD was recently mastered, and producer Josh says we can expect an album title and release date to be revealed soon. As for his own upcoming album, Josh says that he anticipates as many as four or five singles coming out of it.

"I really had over a year to write non-stop and decide [which songs to include]," he says. "It comes from a different point of view. The songs are a little more reflective."

Although Josh says he's written all the songs he's recorded thus far, he may choose to include songs by other writers on the album.

"There are some outside songs I've absolutely fallen in love with," he says. "They don't write songs like some of these anymore."

Josh Thompson is on tour, with his next scheduled concert March 11 in Plant City, Fla. Click here for his tour schedule.