Country up-and-comer Jordan Davis has only released one song, but he's already hooked on that feeling of hearing fans sing his music back to him. Since debuting "Singles You Up" earlier this summer, Davis has seen more and more fans knowing the words.

"It's kinda weird, but kinda weird in a really awesome way," Davis tells The Boot. Until recently, the singer-songwriter had never really released music, "so I'm kinda like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to playing shows now ...

"To be able to show up to shows and have people sing a song back," Davis adds. "Right now, it's just one, but just that one, it's pretty awesome."

Davis "found music late," he admits: Much like his brother Jacob, he attended Louisiana State University and graduated with a degree in environmental science, specifically resource conservation. Davis stayed in Baton Rouge for a few months, working for an environmental group -- he and Jacob had even discussed going into business together in that field -- but once his brother convinced him Nashville was the place to be, Davis told his boss his plans, worked a bit longer to save up some money and made the move.

"Music's been such a part of our lives since before we knew it," Davis says of himself and his brother, who lived together all the way through college, yet never wrote a song together until coming to Nashville ("It's pretty crazy to think that we had to get 11 hours away from him to start doing music together," Davis quips). After Jacob made the move to Music City, Davis started sending him songs and ideas ... then started making trips to write ... and then "realized it was a real possibility for me to come do music."

Davis signed a publishing deal with ole in 2015, and then a record deal with UMG Nashville in 2016. His exact plans for more music -- an EP next? A full album? -- aren't set just yet, but he says that "Singles You Up" is indicative of at least some of his other songs. The single, Davis admits, was a bit of a surprise to him; he thought he had a first single already picked by the time he wrote the song with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach, but something about it stuck out to Davis, so he asked his band to learn it for a show a few days later.

"The reaction just kind of spoke for itself," Davis recalls. "It's almost like it picked itself [as a single]."

This fall, Davis will be on the road with Kip Moore, as part of Moore's Plead the Fifth Tour. Visit for a complete list of tour dates, or to find out more information about the artist.

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