Jon Pardi is opening up about a tragic situation that happened to him when he was only 18 years old, and could have cost him his life.

“I got stabbed when I was 18, and there’s a seven inch scar across my stomach," he reveals to Pittsburgh, Penn. radio station Y108. “I just got in a fight, and I ended up getting him, and he pulled out a knife ... I got (stabbed) three times in the stomach, and two little slashes on my arms.”

Pardi says the situation was made much worse because of where the stabbing occurred.

"We were out in the country, it was up in the hills, and it was at somebody’s house and my buddy’s now a paramedic firefighter, ’cause his whole family are firefighters," Pardi recalls. "We just got in his car, we just drove to the hospital, the first hospital didn’t have emergency services. And the second, we had to go to another one, it was like ten minutes away. We got in there, and they didn’t know diddley, and then they put me in an ambulance and took me to Sacramento.”

The 29-year-old says his attacker got four months in jail after being convicted of a felony, but his emotional and physical healing took much longer.

“It was a long journey," he concedes.

Pardi mentioned the incident in a tweet in January, but has mostly remained silent about the attack. But he is happy to talk about his current single, 'What I Can't Put Down,' which he wrote with Brice Long and his producer, Bart Butler.

“We wrote this song last year, and I remember it just kind of poured out,” Pardi says. “I kind of had the line the devil wears black and he goes by jack, and he’s really good at helping me forget … I was just kind of rambling on. It’s all really about the fun things that I can’t put down. The chorus is kind of an anthem of what you can’t put down, not in a bad way … just about drinkin’, smokin’, girls and playing music … everything I can’t put down.”

'What I Can't Put Down' is the third single from his freshman 'Write You a Song' album. Purchase the record here.

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