Jon Pardi, Ruston Kelly, Kalie Shorr and Drake White all released new music videos this week. Country music fans, read on to enjoy 'em!

Jon Pardi, “She Ain’t in It"

The CMA's New Artist of the Year, Pardi's music video for his fourth single from California Sunrise, "She Ain't in It," is a black-and-white clip directed by Jim Wright and filmed on a ranch near Thousand Oaks, Calif.

"The treatment almost reminded me of the movie Hud, starring Paul Newman," Pardi tells ET. "I loved that it was entirely in black and white, and a mini-movie. This is definitely the most cinematic video to date and leans toward the emotion behind the song and the nostalgia of long-lost love."

"She Ain't in It" was almost recorded by one of country's most iconic artists, George Strait, who had the song on hold. Pardi fell in love with the track at first listen, due to it being "reminiscent of an older era of country music" while still delivering "a heartbreaking mix of lyrics and melody," and when Strait released the song, Pardi snatched it up. --  CV

Ruston Kelly, "1,000 Graves"

Kelly, in addition to being married to Kacey Musgraves, is making waves in the country music world thanks to his own artistry (not to mention, his songwriting credits include tracks cut by greats such as Tim McGraw). "1,000 Graves" comes from Kelly's newest album, Halloween, which was in April of 2017. The song's music video, directed by Stephen Kinigopoulos and Alexa King, follows the heartbreak of a young soldier after losing a loved one on deployment and returning home to face the demons of PTSD and loneliness. -- LS

Kalie Shorr, "Two Hands"

Shorr holds her own and stakes her claim on country music turf with her rowdy declaration of self worth, "Two Hands." The track's '90s neon-esque music video highlights the confidence that Shorr exudes as an artist across the board. The up-and-comer makes no apologies for her quirks and imperfections to a man on the other side of the glass in her latest single, heavy on the guitar. -- LS

Drake White, "Heartbeat"

White's music video for "Heartbeat," a song from his debut record, Spark, includes live audio from a show in Austin, Texas, at Parish. Grammy Awards-winning producer George Massenburg recorded the audio.

"I had the privileged opportunity to have George record a live show in Austin, Texas," White shares, "and the audio he captured from “Heartbeat” was featured in a GEICO commercial -- a very unique circumstance in the world of today’s television advertising."

The "Heartbeat" music video is a reminder to put down our phones and look up, connect with one another and enjoy life outside of a handheld device. -- CV

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