JoLivi is haunted by loss in her new single "Ghost of You." The shining, upbeat new song is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

With its ambiguous lyrics, "Ghost of You" will connect with listeners whether their own personal ghost is a broken relationship, a late loved one or perhaps even a former version of themself. Over a melody that's lightly orchestral and, appropriately, just a touch haunting, JoLivi professes that she's been "doing pretty good": She's packed up this person's things and stuffed them into the back of her attic -- but at night, it's not quite good enough.

"Come home late / Turn every light on / Lock all the doors, wish I wasn’t all by myself," JoLivi sings, and in the chorus, listeners find out why: "I close my eyes and you’re standing by the edge of bed / You’re pulling back the covers and you’re crawling back in / Just when I think I’ve gotten rid of most of you / I’m still sleeping with the ghost of you ..." she confesses.

For JoLivi, who co-wrote "Ghost of You" with PJ Ju and Corri English, both lost love and a deceased family member inspired the track: "I originally came up with this song as a sort of tribute to my grandfather's passing. He was the first person that I ever lost that I was extremely close to," she explains to The Boot.

"Even after years, I could still feel his presence around me," JoLivi adds. "This also related to some of my relationships that didn't work out. I could still feel them haunting my thoughts. Ghosts can have a powerful hold over someone -- both good and bad."

Born and raised in Hawaii, JoLivi has been singing since she was a child. She moved to Los Angeles, Calif., after she graduated from college to pursue a career in pop music, but, JoLivi admits, "It never felt natural to me." It wasn't until she began writing more country-style songs, in fact, that she knew she was in the right profession.

"Ghost of You" is wil be available widely on Friday (May 22). Fans can pre-save the track now.

Listen to JoLivi's "Ghost of You"

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