John Anderson, who's best known for his classic hits 'Swingin'' and 'Straight Tequila Night,' is hoping for some future classics with his new album, 'Bigger Hands,' which hits stores on June 9. John says the project's first single, 'Cold Coffee and Hot Beer,' was carefully selected ... but not by him.

"It was selected by committee," John admits to The Boot, as he sits in a pink Dolly Parton rocking chair looking debonair in his black hat, rugged jeans and embroidered shirt. "The folks at the record label settled in on this one. They thought this would be a good first single. I feel like we have four or five good singles on the record, and I'm just kind of waiting to see the outcome of this one."

In the meantime, under the category "win some, lose some," we wondered if John had ever turned down a record that was a hit for someone else. "I have – several," he laughed. "The biggest one would be 'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On.' The song came to us, and I had a lot of songs of my own at the time that I was wanting to get done. So that was part of the reason for us not doing so much outside material at the time. So we passed on the song, but my buddy Mel McDaniel had a huge hit on the song. Later on, I was at this party at MCA, and Conway Twitty was there. He came over to me and said, 'How come you didn't do that song I had them send over to you?' I said, 'What song was that? I never knew you sent a song, sir.' He said, 'That song, 'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On.' He said, 'They sent it to me first, and I told them you were the one that needed to record that song.' You know, if I had known that Conway had sent it over, it probably would have made a difference. I was a huge Conway Twitty fan. I still am."