Joe Nichols has become accustomed to being around other well-known celebrities but that doesn't mean he doesn't occasionally get a little starstruck himself. Last year, Joe was included as part of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame event in New York City, which also featured James Taylor and Jon Bon Jovi. "It was really cool," Joe tells The Boot. "I was meeting all these people and rubbing elbows with them."

As Joe slipped away to use the restroom during the event, he ran into comedian Mike Birbiglia. "I listen to Sirus XM and the comedian channels all the time," Joe says. "One of my favorite comedians is Mike Birbiglia."

Joe made his way over to Mike to meet him. "I was like, 'Oh my God!'" the singer recalls with a laugh. "I washed my hands, and before he could wash his hands, I was like, 'Dude ... I just wanted to meet you! I'm Joe Nichols.' He kind of looked at me like, 'Really? I just used the restroom. You just saw me zip my pants, and now you want to shake my hand?' [laughs] I stood there for a second, and I was like, 'Oh ... yeah ...' We both knew how awkward it was right then. I was like, 'I'll leave you alone and back up toward the door quietly and walk away like this never happened!' [more laughter] It was just an awkward moment."

Good thing for Joe, he was able to redeem himself later that evening. "I was so embarrassed," Joe says, blushing. "[When I ran into him again] I was like, 'I'm such a dummy!' He goes, 'No man, it's no big deal.' We talked for a little bit, and he was a real nice guy!"

And the irony of the situation? "It happens to me all the time," Joe says, "which makes it all that much more strange that I would turn around and do it to somebody else!"

Joe's current single from the album 'Old Things New' is 'The Shape I'm In.'

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