Not everybody shoots to the top of the music charts without doing some hard work first. Now that hard work comes both before and after you pick up a guitar professionally, as Joe Nichols well knows. Before becoming a full time musician, the Arkansas native made his living moving and lifting boxes in a warehouse.

Joe is set to reprise his role for GAC's new television series, 'Day Jobs.' In an interview with AOL Jobs, the singer reflected on the experience of going back to day labor."It brought me back to when I didn't make the rules," he said of the experience. "It was an honest day's work. That's not what I do now."

At this point Nichols is miles away from the life he used to lead. "In my world, it's not really like that," he said. "I'm the boss. I'm one of the few percent that gets to do what I love."

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Watch the commercial for 'Day Jobs'