Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney and his wife Tiffany Fallon welcomed baby No. 2, daughter Raquel Blue, into the world in September. The proud parents, who also have two-year-old son Jagger Donovan, say the whole process has been much smoother the second time around.

"It was tremendously easier this time," Tiffany tells People. "I was anxious right outside the hospital, like, 'Oh no, this is going to be hard again.' But it was actually a joy to be there. I didn't want to leave!""

The former model says she had a good reason to worry. "I had a tough delivery with Jag," she recalls. "So that anxiety sets in -- I was crazy nervous again."

The happy couple say that deciding to have a second child was a lot easier than deciding what they would call their baby girl. "We had so many names picked out," Joe Don admits. "It's harder to choose a girl's name because there are so many that are beautiful -- it's hard to narrow it down."

Ultimately, they decided on a name that paid homage to one of Tiffany's favorite celebrity icons. "I have always liked Raquel Welch," she reveals. "I always liked her and her name. It's unusual -- you don't hear about many Raquels. I wanted an 'R' to go with Rooney, so I threw it out there one day and Joe Don was crazy about it."

Her real name may be Raquel Blue, but at only two months old, the baby is already being known by several different monikers. "With her brother being Jagger, I felt like we needed to rock it up a little bit," Tiffany says. "We call her Rocky! Everyone has their nicknames for her though. My mom calls her Baby Blue. Some people go with Raquel, some use both names."

"And Jag calls her Sissy," Joe Don continues. "But Raquel feels right; when Tiffany said it, it felt right in my gut and my heart. Just like when she said Jagger, that felt exactly right."

No word yet if the devoted dad will take his family on the road when he takes off in 2011 for the second leg of the Flatts Nothing Like This tour. The trio, whose seventh studio album, 'Nothing Like This' was released this week, will hit the road in January -- the same month fellow bandmate Jay DeMarcus and his wife Allison are expecting their first child. The trek starts in Sioux Falls, S.D. and hits 20 more cities before wrapping up in March. Find Rascal Flatts' tour schedule here.