Joanna Mosca is giving The Boot readers an exclusive first listen of her latest single, "Hand Out the Window." The song is from her latest EP, Have a Little Mercy.

With lines like, "It was you, me, the road and the radio / Let's go, hand out the window / No talk of turnin' back / You had your foot on the gas / I had my feet on the dash / Two kids out on the run / In love, doing things no one will ever know / Except for you, me, the road and the radio / Let's go, hand out the window," the song is one of Mosca's favorites from her latest project.

"I loved the song because it really brings you back to your carefree youth and warm summer nights," Mosca says of the up-tempo tune, written by Kelly Archer, Jessi Alexander and Troy Verges. "It always makes me smile to sing it, and it's a song the fans will want to turn up and sing along with."

The singer says that she puts a lot of thought into each tune she records.

"It's really about the best song," she says. "If I can relate to the song and think I can sing it and do it justice, that's all I need."

New Voice Entertainment, a production company made up of Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, all from Jason Aldean‘s band, along with David Fanning, produced Have a Little Mercy.

“When I saw all four guys there, I thought, ‘Oh my God, are all four of you gonna be giving me orders?’” she recalls. “At first it was intimidating working with four producers. But they each have their role. They get along fabulously."

"Hand Out the Window" will hit radio on March 30. Have a Little Mercy is available via iTunes or Amazon.

Listen to Joanna Mosca, "Hand Out the Window":

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