Country legend Jim Ed Brown has incredibly good news for fans: His lung cancer is in remission, and he's returning to the stage.

The singer was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2014 and let fans know what was happening early on, after cancelling several shows. He took four months off from touring to treat the cancer, focusing on chemotherapy and radiation treatments. On Jan. 19, Brown was given an "all clear" report by his doctors.

"There are not enough thanks for the prayers, well wishes and support I've received during the toughest time of my life," Brown says via a press release. "I am so grateful."

Even though the star admits that he was scared and overwhelmed when given the diagnosis, he kept a positive attitude.

"They’re aggressively attacking it, and so far, I think it’s working ... I just told them, I said, 'I've got me and the Lord and all of my prayer warriors and all of our friends out there. We’re gonna beat it, so you just go on and do what you need to do and get it over with,'" Brown told The Boot right before his good report. "I think I've got the best doctors in Nashville, anyway. There may be some greater ones somewhere else, but I don’t know where they are."

Brown didn't let cancer knock out his country career at all; he recently released 'In Style Again,' his first album in 30 years.

The 80-year-old will return to the Grand Ole Opry stage on Jan. 30 and 31. He and his sisters Maxine and Bonnie, together known as the Browns, joined the Opry in 1963.

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