Just because she's five-and-a-half months pregnant with her first child doesn't mean Jewel is slowing things down when it comes to her music and songwriting. During Sunday night's Grammy Awards red-carpet interview with E! Entertainment, the songstress revealed details of her new musical project inspired by her son on the way.

"I've actually been writing songs for him," says the singer. "I wrote an album called 'Lullaby' when I was trying to get pregnant. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm writing a children's record. It's really been fun to write stuff ... you're thinking about what your child is going to want to hear and what's going to be a fun story."

Jewel says she hopes to deliver the new album in the fall, just in time for the new arrival at home. Until then, she's just basking in the joys that come with expectant motherhood. "Everybody said just try to enjoy being pregnant. So I've really just tried to enjoy it and relax."

Jewel and husband Ty Murray have plenty to keep them busy over the next three-and-a-half months, including picking out a name for their son. "We've got a list going," Ty reports. "We've actually been thinking about a list of names for three or four years now. Now it's a matter of narrowing that list down."

Jewel was nominated for a Grammy for 'Satisfied,' a track from her 2010 album, 'Sweet and Wild.'

Watch Jewel's 'Satisfied' Video

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