Singer Jewel burst onto the music scene in 1995 with her multi-platinum selling album, 'Pieces of You,' which sold more than 12 million units and spawned two No. 1 singles, 'You Were Meant For Me' and 'Pieces of You.'

The songstress has gone on to release six more mainstream studio albums, including two country records, 'Perfectly Clear' and 'Sweet and Wild,' as well as two albums of children's music, a Greatest Hits collection and two holiday records. In a new interview, she reveals she is working on a new set of tunes that will have similarities to her freshman project.

“I’m looking at this record as a sort of bookend to my first record, 'Pieces of You,'” she tells Country Weekly. “It’s gonna be a pretty raw album. Some of it will be done live.”

The married mother of one has been hinting that she is considering plenty of other projects as well.

“I have a lot of albums in mind, and I’m not sure which will be first,” she says. “I have a country album written. I’d really like to do a follow-up to 'Pieces of You.' I’d love to do a standards record; I grew up loving Cole Porter, and that’s what got me into songwriting, so I’ve written a few like that. I don’t know how much stomach I have for another big release with lots of promotion, so we’ll have to see which way I decide to go.”