During her opening slot on Brad Paisley's Paisley Party tour, Jewel has been surprising fans with her gift for the "little-ole-lady-who." Yodeling, which the singer first learned as a youngster in Alaska, is a form of musical expression which was common in early country music.

"My dad is a cowboy and he taught himself how to yodel by listening to Jimmie Rodgers records," says Jewel. "When I was six, my parents sang at dinner shows for tourists in hotels, and part of the act was me getting up and yodeling."

Learning the fine art of yodeling took some practice, which Jewel recalls, "sure didn't make me very popular in first grade . . . Hearing someone learn to yodel is NOT pretty!"

But practice makes perfect, and Jewel's yodeling skills have made for a perfect finish to her live shows. Fans at Jewel's live shows can even add a 'Got Yodel?' t-shirt to their wardrobe.

"I'm always happy when audiences respond enthusiastically, and it sure makes up for all those years I was laughed at," says the singer, whose first country album, 'Perfectly Clear,' recently debuted at the top of the country albums chart.

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