Jessie Baker, the longtime banjo player and bass singer for legendary bluegrass group Daily & Vincent, has announced his immediate departure from the band due to debilitating hand pain.

“In December I visited a neurologist to have a nerve conduction study done in an attempt to shed some light on the right-hand trouble I have been having the last 6 to 7 years," Baker said in a press release. "I learned that due to my 10 plus years of playing banjo on the road, I had developed carpal tunnel syndrome which has blocked nerve conduction primarily in my thumb, index, and middle fingers."

Baker went on to explain that the damage to his nerves may be irreversible and, even with surgery, the condition could return if he continues to perform at the same level.

"I was told, ‘Doing what you love to do is what’s causing your pain. The best thing you can do is stop playing,’" Baker said. "I have decided that after weighing my current options it is in my best interests to get off the road as a full-time banjo player and allow my hand to rest."

Baker has played with the “Rockstars of Bluegrass,” Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent, for six years. During his time performing alongside the original duo that makes up the group, he has gained renown for his onstage presence as well as his impressions of classic country artists. The duo was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in March of last year, and have been nominated for three Grammy Awards, among many other awards and nominations.

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