Jerrod Niemann is on the road with Brad Paisley on his H20 II: Wetter and Wilder World Tour this summer, and although Niemann is a very funny guy, he's not sure he's any kind of match for Paisley when it comes to wits and, especially, practical jokes and tour pranks.

Niemann was a witness to some of the prank wars that went on between Darius Rucker and Paisley on an early leg of the tour, so he learned early on that it would be prudent for him to watch and formulate a strategy before attempting to prank the master on his own turf. So does he think he and Paisley have more in common than a healthy sense of humor?

"Brad's just too intelligent for me to be compared to him," Niemann admits to The Boot. "To play guitar like that and do all that animation, and paint, write songs and sing that well, and marry a movie star -- geez! He's really funny ... I probably have a little more of a potty mouth than he does.

"I get my sense of fun from my parents," Niemann continues. "Both of my parents are like giant children. Some parents are like best friends with their kids, and the kids are just out of control. Then you have the ultra-strict parents, where the kids get out of control because they can't do anything. My parents rode that fine line of disciplinarian and friend, where it was like, I didn't want to get in trouble because I didn't want them to be upset."

Niemann says he has learned a lot about entertaining from watching Paisley's show and admires how much his tour "boss" puts into his concert experience, both visually as well as musically.

"First of all, being asked to do that tour is such a huge honor," Niemann says. "I thought about what makes an Entertainer of the Year ... He's such a class act, and I realized that every single second of his show is dedicated to something entertaining the audience, whether it's the animations in the background, or the guitar solos, or the vocals, or the songwriting. So, that's been amazing to watch all this time, and to have that kind of exposure for me has been amazing."

Though he's busy touring the country with Paisley, Niemann recently signed on as a spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's 'Make A Muscle, Make a Difference' campaign and made time to record some PSAs that are currently running on Clear Channel Radio.

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