Jenny Tolman's debut album, There Goes the Neighborhood, creates a fictional town called Jennyville, a sparkly, colorful landscape populated by eccentric and fascinating characters. The singer says that the project's first single, "High Class White Trash," is where Jennyville all started: The song allowed her to begin to create some of the town's characters, and start introducing fans to the imaginary spot where her music takes place. 

Below, Tolman reflects on the importance of "High Class White Trash" to both Jennyville and There Goes the Neighborhood, and shares how writing the song -- and creating the music video -- helped the project fall into place. Read on to learn more.

I mean, the response to it has just been so positive, especially out on the road. That's the one that sells the T-shirts!

It's the song that's allowed me to really open doors to this record. [The album] is about characters, and about different narratives, and it allows me to play different roles all throughout Jennyville, this crazy imaginary town that we've made. So it was a lot of fun to [write], because it was the starting process of hinting at, like, "This is what Jennyville is kind of the basis of." The characters were starting to arrive and come out of the woodwork. It was a lot of fun.

The music video was soooo incredibly fun to make. I got to bring some of the characters in Jennyville to life, and live out my pink, sparkly dreamland for a day! We shot at the gorgeous PAINT Nail Bar in Nashville ... it definitely put the "high class" in the middle of Jennyville.

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