Country singer Jenna Torres explores the duality of her heart -- her desire to forge her own path, but also her desire to find love -- on her next album, including in its lead song, "Better Boots." Ahead of the record's release, Torres is premiering the track exclusively with The Boot; press play below to watch its music video.

Written by Torres solo, "Better Boots," the artist says, "is about acceptance": It's a message to Torres herself to "be okay with what I have."

"If I’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that you can take so much away from people but we rise — it’s just how we are. Even the threat of extinction does not deter the human heart," Torres tells The Boot. "I just want to love my way through life. To me, time spent doing anything less is a waste."

"If I had better boots, the road might rise / If I had deeper roots, then I might fly / If I had better boots and deeper roots / And a little sunlight in my eyes / The road would rise," Torres sings in the chorus over a rootsy melody. While those words might sound wistful, perhaps even downtrodden, Torres sees them as quite the opposite: encouraging and uplifting.

"I hope everyone who hears "Better Boots" knows that whatever boots you’ve got on, they're good enough to walk in the direction of your dreams," she continues.

"Better Boots" is the first of eight songs on Torres' forthcoming new album, All Heart. Her fifth studio record, and her first since 2017's Wild Sugar, the project is due out on Friday (Jan. 29) and was produced by Stephen Leiweke.

"Releasing this album means more to me than simply releasing music: It is a way of transcending the limitations that we are all experiencing right now," Torres reflects. "When so many of our natural impulses to gather and celebrate and even mourn have been stripped away — when coming together in the ways we are used is practically forbidden — you can't take the wings off a song ...

"People will find comfort and joy in music," she adds, "and I, for one, consider it a privilege to offer my songs as way of not only keeping my dreams alive but as a reminder that dreams don't play by the rules.”

A New York City native, Torres now lives in Nashville.

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