Jenna Paulette experienced a major country-girl mishap on the set of her new "Country in the Girl" music video.

"I just lost my dad's lucky lure," the singer can be heard whispering near the end of a new behind-the-scenes video, premiering exclusively on The Boot. There's water splashing behind her — because a friend of the video's lead actor gamely waded into the pond in which she was fishing to find the missing lure.

Lucky for Paulette's father, he retrieved it, too!

Paulette and company filmed her recently released "Country in the Girl" music video in Muenster, Texas. Zack Dyer and Thomas Heney directed the clip, which follows both the singer as she cooks a down-home breakfast, rides a horse and goes fishing, beer in hand, and her ex's new woman, who ... uh, takes a lot of photos on her phone while attempting the same activities with no experience but some very cute outfits. It's a part Paulette gamely and humorously plays in a blonde wig.

"You can put the girl in the country / Dress her up in denim coveralls and new Justin boots / Sit her in the saddle, fix her up with some tackle / But she don't know the first thing to do," Paulette sings in the chorus. She explains that her co-writer Smith Ahnquist came up with the song's hook — "You can put the girl in the country, but you can't put the country in the girl" — and she wanted the song's music video to be a play on that line.

Paulette and Ahnquist co-wrote "Country in the Girl" with Jeb Gipson. Will Bundy produced the song, which Paulette only officially recorded after sharing a short clip of herself singing it on social media and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response.

"I love how it's resonating with girls who really do live this life on a daily basis," she shares of the song.

While she was in the studio, Paulette also recorded three additional new songs, so more new music is on the horizon from her. In the meantime, fans can find "Country in the Girl" on a variety of music-streaming platforms.

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