JD Eicher and Joy Ike prove in this month's Greenroom Sessions video that you don't need much more than an acoustic guitar and a good tune to create musical magic.

Eicher and Ike duet on 'Lately Lady,' a song from Eicher's band, the Pennsylvania- and Ohio-based JD Eicher & the Goodnights, that'll have you unconsciously tapping your toes along to the beat. Ike sings on recording of the tune, but this version -- blues-y, soulful and simple -- has a different sound than the original.

"I love trying different song arrangements," Eicher says, "and this song -- originally a driving drum and guitar track -- takes a different turn on my couch."

'Lately Lady' appears on JD Eicher & the Goodnights' 2013 album 'Into Place.'

"[We are] thrilled with JD and Joy's vocal performance on this session," says Tony of Grace & Tony. "JD [has] done the Greenroom Sessions proud and [has] stuck to the 'no bells and whistles' format, which serves [his] talents very well."

Grace & Tony, who are currently in the studio working on new music, will be back with The Boot for December's Greenroom Sessions clip. Check back on December 15 for the new video.