Singer-songwriter JB Strauss is premiering his new song "Piss Ant Hill" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Strauss is joined by Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford on "Piss Ant Hill," a song with a truly morbid inspiration. According to Strauss, the song was inspired by stories told by his grandfather, whom the artist describes as an "old-school Southern judge," about a piece of property near the Reidsville State Prison in southeastern Georgia, where death row inmates who weren't claimed by their families were buried after execution.

"It sounds morbid, but he told the stories of those men like they were set in the old west. There was tragedy and humor in how he told them," Strauss explains to The Boot, "and so it seemed natural to write the song from the point of view of an inmate there, waiting to take his place on ”Piss Ant Hill."

"Bringing it to life in the studio was just as natural. Marc Ford ran with it and added an old-time southern feel with great slide guitar parts," the singer continues. "Having someone of that caliber take your song to heart and add their experience to it is a thrill and special thing."

There's a decidedly Black Crowes lean to "Piss Ant Hill," which should appeal to fans of soulful singer-songwriters such as Chris Stapleton and Brent Cobb as well. Strauss counts John Prine and Lynyrd Skynyrd among his influences.

A Georgia-born artist who's currently based in Nashville, Strauss makes music with a sound that blends Southern rock and country with a hefty pinch of soul. He studied law, like his grandfather, before turning his attention to music.

On Dec. 5, Strauss will release his debut EP, Man Possessed, on which "Piss Ant Hill" appears. Fans can get more details about the project, and keep up with Strauss' other goings-on, at

Listen to JB Strauss' "Piss Ant Hill"

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