The phrase 'Tattoos on This Town' was one that songwriter Neil Thrasher says "fell out of the sky."

He co-wrote the song, which Jason Aldean propelled to the top of the charts, with Wendell Mobley and Michael Dulaney. It was the Georgia native's fourth No. 1 single from his double platinum album, 'My Kinda Party.' The Boot got the story behind the song from Thrasher and from the singer, who is eternally grateful for the momentum 'Tattoos' gave to his red-hot career.

Neil Thrasher: I've never had an idea that just appeared like this one did. I was coming in to town to write with these guys, and I'm stopped at some light, and there are skid marks on the road in front of me. My mind gets to wandering, and boom, that title is there. I looked up out of my windshield and said, 'Really, seriously? Thank you.'

I went in, and we wrote the song. We used all those things I thought of, like the skid marks, rope burn on a tree, paint on the bridge and all that stuff, as examples of how people leave their mark behind. 'Tattoos on This Town' is the coolest title that's ever popped in my mind for sure. I can't take credit for coming up with that title. It came from above.

Jason Aldean: 'Tattoos' reminds me of where I'm from, and some of the stuff I did when I was growing up. That was one of the things that was appealing about the song when I heard it the first time. It's nice to sing songs like that and tell those stories that make me go back and remember those days of being in high school and doing stuff that you probably should have gotten in trouble for, but luckily you didn't get caught.

There are a lot of writers who are locked into what it is I'm doing, for whatever reason. I feel like the stuff they write fits what I do. Neil has done a good job on the last couple records. There are guys like that who are just great writers, and when you are looking for songs for the new album, you go to those guys to see what they have and if they have anything that fits you.

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