Jason Aldean's latest single, "They Don't Know," is the fourth single from and title track of his newest album. Although there are still plenty of songs on that project that Aldean feels could be singles, the Georgia native is already working on his next set of tunes.

"Typically when an album runs its course is after four songs. There have been cases where we did go five singles deep off of an album, but that’s not really the norm," Aldean shared with The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "So we’re actually in the studio, recording a new album, and we’ve got about four songs done."

Aldean says he hopes to wrap up 2017 with a completed record. Ideally, a new single will come out this fall.

"I would think the next single will probably be from that album. I would think probably later this year; that’s me guessing, but I would assume maybe around CMA [Awards] time or something might be a good time to maybe launch a single," Aldean says. "But I know the album will be finished, and the next single will probably be from that album."

When it comes to choosing songs for his albums, the 40-year-old typically doesn't write the songs himself; instead, he says, he's grateful that he pretty much has his pick of songs from some of the hottest writers in town.

"When you’re a new artist and you go into a publisher to look for songs, as a new, unproven artist, they’re not going to give you the best songs they’ve got. You could find some hits, but you’ve gotta dig for them or write them or whatever," Aldean explains. "So, I think, the more you’re a proven artist ... that’s when all of a sudden, the world kind of opens up for you a little bit, and you really start having pockets of guys that are writing songs specifically for you and for your album.

"And then you sort of develop relationships with a lot of those guys. They start figuring out what it is you like and what you do. And you get lucky, because you get some great writers that start to write specifically for you and your project," continues Aldean. "That’s kind of a game changer ... I think you have to earn that a little bit too over the years."

Aldean's wife, Brittany Kerr, once appeared on American Idol -- but don't expect to hear a husband-and-wife duet from them.

"I don’t know if her and I will ever do a song together ... I think she’s very cautious about ever wanting people to think we ended up together because she was trying to push her music career, so she’s almost bailed off of all that, and she’s going down some different avenues," Aldean explains. "I think that’s something that was important to her, to stand on her own feet and do her own thing. I think she’s done that ... But she is a great singer. She sings all the time and loves it, and she’s actually really good, so I’ll never say never, but I’ll say, it’s not something that we’ve talked about a whole lot."

They Don't Know is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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