He was an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces who loved Jason Aldean's music so much that he saw four concerts in just one year. Sadly, the young man -- identified only as Preston -- shipped off to defend the U.S. and never came home.

"I was at the meet-and-greet and met a mother who had lost her son," a visibly moved Jason told his audience at last weekend's show in Maryland. "She asked us to wear these bracelets and play one of his favorite songs."

Jason and his band did just that, wearing black bracelets throughout the show and playing 'Asphalt Cowboy' at Preston's mom's special request. "To all the people tonight, this is for Preston," said Jason, as a hush fell over the audience.

Jason's constant touring has resulted in a booming fan base over the years. "The more you go out and play your shows, the more people start to hear what you do and you start to convert them little by little," he tells The Boot. "You go out to radio and they start to believe in what you do and they all start to come together."

'My Kinda Party,' the lead single from Jason's upcoming album, will be shipped to country radio on August 16. You can listen to it here. Although Jason didn't write the tune, he feels as if it was custom made for him.

"This song is all about workin' for the weekend ... my fans work hard, so they can rip it up when Saturday rolls around," Jason says. "I hope they hear this one and want to turn it up. We put a little extra juice on the electric guitars just for that reason."