Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a Jason Aldean show knows the man can throw one heck of a party. However, as with most parties, there's always a few people who take it a bit too far, and the singer-songwriter has noticed that during his shows, sometimes the ladies get a little carried away.

Jason admits that he's seen his share of undergarments being thrown on stage. "I don't know what it is ... I start playing my songs and it just makes people want to get naked," the Georgia native tells radio station KILT/Houston with a laugh (quote via CBS Local). "I don't really understand what it is."

No matter what's being thrown on stage, this country star knows who he'd like to share that stage with, given the chance. "One of my favorites of all time is George Strait so I would love to go out and tour with him," he reveals. "Maybe Bon Jovi and Aerosmith or somebody like that. I've always been a big fan of those guys."

If you're able to catch one of the shows on his current My Kinda Party tour, Jason promises a glimpse of his new album, Night Train. As of now, he's only playing the first single "Take a Little Ride," and the track "Wheels Rolling," but he's not going to stop there.

"Closer to the record coming out we'll start adding more and more songs in there," Jason tells The Boot, although he's cautious about adding in too many new songs too soon. "You go out and you are playing all these songs that people know and they are freaking out and then you play something they don't know and they don't really want to do anything but just sit there and listen. So you've got to be careful because you can lose them really quick if you try to overload them with too much music before they even know what it is. Once the album comes out, that's the time to start adding a lot of the songs, but right now we're playing a couple. We'll probably keep it to that until the album comes out."

Jason's next stop is Aug. 30 in Allentown, Pa. Get a list of tour dates here.

Watch Jason's 'Take a Little Ride' Video

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