Ahead of the release of his new album on April 13, Jason Aldean is sharing another of its tracks. Press play above to hear the brand-new song "Gettin' Warmed Up."

A hard-driving song with an edgy, rock vibe -- classic Aldean -- "Gettin' Warmed Up" is the fifth track on Aldean's forthcoming Rearview TownWritten by Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda and Cole Taylor, the new tune even finds Aldean rapping on a bridge that captures the spirit of the party anthem.

"Gettin' warmed up and gettin' started / Everybody in here came to party / You need a good time, well, I brought it / Hands up in the air if you want it," Aldean raps, a throwback of sorts to his 2011 single "Dirt Road Anthem." "Yeah, the speakers are here, and they turned up / Cups filling, we mixed up the good stuff / Who's setting it off? You know that's us / You already know, we gettin' warmed up."

"Gettin' Warmed Up" ends with a Bon Jovi-esque electronic-sounding finale. Above, readers can watch a clip featuring scenes from some of Aldean's live shows and recording sessions, set to the tune.

"Gettin' Warmed Up" is one of 15 tracks on Rearview Town. The disc is available for pre-order now, via various outlets.

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