Jason Aldean's publicist has confirmed that a photo allegedly showing the country singer wearing blackface as part of his Halloween costume is, indeed, Aldean.

The picture above was sent to Nashville Gab. It shows Aldean, his wife and some friends dressed up for Halloween, with Aldean donning a dreadlocked wig, black sunglasses, a red bandanna, a white T-shirt and a large dollar sign necklace -- and dark face paint. One of Aldean's representatives tells the Guardian that the country star "dressed as rapper Lil Wayne" for the holiday.

Blackface makeup is commonly considered highly disrespectful in today's society; however, according to a Huffington Post / YouGov poll, 55 percent of Americans say they're okay with people wearing whatever they want on Halloween, even if it may be offensive to others.

In 2013, Julianne Hough was criticized for dressing as "Crazy Eyes" from Orange Is the New Black because she used dark makeup to complete her costume. She later apologized.

Aldean himself has not commented on his costume. The Georgia native recently announced his 2016 We Were Here Tour with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses, which will kick off on Jan. 14 in Moline, Ill.

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