In his funny video for 'Pray for You,' we saw what happens if someone gets on Jaron's bad side. On Jaron and the Long Road to Love's new single, 'That's Beautiful to Me,' the singer is showing fans his romantic side.

The video follows the song's storyline about a woman who is endearingly quirky -- she likes flowers, but not red roses; she goes to buy a dog and comes home with three -- but her antics only make her more lovable to her boyfriend.

"It's all those things that could be annoying, but [instead], it's 'That's my girl, and she's beautiful,'" Jaron tells The Boot.

Even though they didn't know each other before Jaron invited Cavallari to be in the video, the pair seemed totally at ease with each other during the shoot, sharing a natural, easy-going chemistry. The filming started just south of Hollywood at Echo Park, where the two shot several fun, casual scenes. The crew and stars then moved to a loft in downtown Los Angeles to create the couple's home. There was a bed, but we didn't count to see if there were 46 pillows on it, like in the song.

Jaron hopes the video takes the song to another level.

"It's reenacting the lyrics, but we're trying to add a little more depth, a little more visual about a relationship that's been going on for years," he says. "We met in junior high. It's a little loose, but you pick up the flower shop scene where I'm looking all around and can't find anything but red roses. We definitely have the dogs because that's funny. The pillows ... We're just trying to show a history of a relationship, and I think that the key is people will buy into the song even more if they buy into the relationship."

Speaking of romance, Jaron sweet-talked Cavallari -- or at least her representative -- to get her involved in the video.

"Jaron wrote my manager a letter saying how much he wanted me for the video. I saw it and I thought that it was really sweet, so I couldn't really say no," Cavallari tells The Boot.

Plus, Cavallari, who admits she's more into Top 40 and classic rock than country, thought both the song and Jaron were plenty cute too.

"To play his love interest in the song, I mean that would be any girl's dream," she continues.

Although she was often portrayed as mean and calculating on 'The Hills,' friends told Jaron that Cavallari had another side.

"I overheard some friends of mine [saying], 'Oh my God. This girl is such a sweetheart, and she's such a pleasure to work with,' and I was like, 'Who are we talking about?'" he says. "The physicality in this town is easy to come by. I think you can find beautiful girls every which way you turn, but to find the ones that are beautiful on the inside and a pleasure to deal with and are sweethearts, that's what we were looking for.

"They said, 'Kristin Cavallari.' I said, 'Hang on,' and walked over to the computer," Jaron adds. "I looked her up and said, 'Yeah, this is the girl.'"