Country-rock five-piece Jared & the Mill are premiering the music video for their song "Break in the Ether" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

Written by guitarist Larry Gast III, the deeply introspective song is a tender exploration of what it means to be who you really are and making sure that you are that person all the time, on and off the stage. With its heavy guitars and vulnerable lyrics, "Break in the Ether" is a study in contrasts.

"The space that we provide people is only achievable because we are entirely ourselves on and off stage," Jared & the Mill frontman Jared Kolesar tells The Boot. "So many times people try to create an all-inclusive space for their music by keeping their thoughts to themselves and by trying not to say anything too candid.  But f--k that, we drink, we probably curse too much, we’re all liberal, we’ve done shitty things to people we’ve cared about."

In the "Break in the Ether" music video, which Kolesar describes as "perfect" for the song's message, the symbolism is pretty blunt: "It covers the introspective conflicts everybody is probably familiar with, where you have to stand at arm’s length and really assess how you feel about a new relationship," Kolesar says. "To me, the mirror represents the emotion of being at ends with oneself to better understand the nature of a newfound love."

Jared & the Mill are currently preparing to release their new album, This Story Is No Longer Available, on which "Break in the Ether" will appear. That album is set for release in December; in the meantime, they'll be playing to packed houses across the country, including stops in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee and New York.

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