Jana Kramer's long-awaited single, the follow-up to the Top 5 "Why Ya Wanna," is a slow-burning ballad called "Whiskey." As it turns out, the singer is a whiskey fan.

"It's my second favorite drink," Jana told The Boot in our exclusive "In House" chat with her last fall. "Wine's my favorite and then I love whiskey. Just depends on the mood, but [the song] says, 'The burn, the sting and the high. I should have just called him whiskey, because that's exactly what he does to me.' I love it. It's a little bit darker, which is nice and a little more rockin' once it gets into the chorus."

The just-released video for the tune is darker, indeed. (Watch the clip below.)

Although Jana's night by the campfire, getting cozy with her man and a bottle of Jack Daniel's, starts off innocently enough, things get heated pretty quickly and a fistfight ensues between her guy and another partygoer. And even though she knows she "shoulda just called for help and ran like hell that day," our heroine keeps going back -- to the bad boy and that bittersweet bottle of whiskey.

Watch Jana Kramer's 'Whiskey' Video