Jana Kramer is being featured in a new series from AT&T U-verse, 'Jana Kramer: Love to Love.'

The show follows Kramer along the first leg of the Country Deep Tour, featuring exclusive coverage of the up-and-coming country singer. The show will air eight episodes that not only cover her life on the road, but delve into Kramer's personal life.

Full episodes of the show can be found at uverse.com, with two new episodes posted each week until April 23.

Kramer has been a growing success in country music after getting her start in acting, most famously playing Alex Dupre on the CW's 'One Tree Hill.' The artist says that she's always hoped to transition into music.

"I love acting, but my heart and soul is in singing," Kramer says (quote via Music Farm). "I've been terrified to pursue this dream because it's so personal to me. If someone tells me they don't like my voice, it's a lot harder of a hit to take. This is what I've always wanted to do. I've wanted to do music my entire life."