U.K. singer-songwriter Jamie Freeman is premiering his new song "All in the Name," and its accompanying music video, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch -- and be prepared to have your spirits lifted as you listen.

The lyrics for "All in the Name," co-written by Freeman and Michael Logen, work through all of the things that people are willing to endure in pursuit of true love: "Why do we bend it 'til it breaks? / Why do we make the same mistakes," Freeman sings. "All in the name of love." With its upbeat melody and universally applicable lyrics, the song is a solid reminder to stick it out with the person you love, even when things get a little tough.

Freeman's "All in the Name" music video, meanwhile, features the artist and his significant other going through the mundane motions of day-to-day life: putting away groceries, playing cards together, watching TV and even fighting a little bit and making up again. Its a reminder that, as the song says, love is always worth the effort.

"All in the Name" is the lead single from Freeman's forthcoming album, Dreams About Falling, which features the work of, among others, Nashville favorite Angaleena Presley. The Pistol Annies member and solo artist, who's worked with Freeman on her own music, lends her vocals to the album cut "Down Range," and co-wrote another of the project's songs, "I Miss Those Bars."

Dreams About Falling is Freeman's third full-length album; it follows 2013's 100 Miles From Town. Fun fact: Freeman is the brother of actor Martin Freeman, known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and the cult favorite TV series Sherlock.

Dreams About Falling is set for release on May 17. Fans can visit Freeman's official website to learn more.

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