New country artist James Robert Webb is revealing his brand-new music video for "Makin' Love Tonight" exclusively for The Boot's readers.

Webb's newest single was written by Daniel Kleindienst and Mike Brandon, and when he heard it, the song sparked something in him -- something he feels that everyone can relate to.

“If you’ve been married or in a relationship, you can kind of relate to the whole premise of it," Webb says. "'Why would we want to fight when we could be makin’ love tonight?'"

The "Makin' Love Tonight" music video centers on Webb singing and playing his guitar as a beautiful blonde woman acts out different scenarios, ranging from extreme sadness and frustration to a full-on seductive look. It's a relatively straightforward clip, because the lyrics are the showstopper in this case.

"Everyone in love / Has their ups and downs, I guess / Feelings can get hurt / Careless words are said," Webb sings. "Why should we hang on / To our foolish pride / When we could be makin' love tonight?"

He adds pointedly, "Let's let our hearts take control / Turn passion loose, let it flow / Tell me, why would we want to fight / We could be makin' love tonight?"

Webb cites Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn and Toby Keith as the musicians that he grew up listening to, and he is also excited about the music being made by newer artists Lee Brice and Cole Swindell. But he has much to be proud about in his own career as well -- specifically, his new record, Pictures.

"I’m really happy with how the record turned out,” Webb says, adding, “I was trying to include a few snapshots of my different musical influences on the album. They include Brooks, Tim McGraw, Western swing and more."

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