James Otto became a new dad in August, when wife Amy had baby daughter Ava. In January, he'll also take on the title of uncle to brother-in-law Jay DeMarcus' new baby, when Jay's wife, Allison, gives birth to their daughter, Madeline Leigh. The two musicians married sisters, and now their little girls will grow up together, as well. Having just gone through the adjustment to the pitter-patter of little feet himself, James knows Jay is in for quite a change once the new baby arrives.

"I have no idea how he's going to handle it," James tells the Boot. "I bet he has more sympathy for the situation when he goes through it himself. Because I had no idea -- not that he hasn't been sympathetic, because he's been great -- but you just don't know until you're there. You don't know how much work it is and how it's this deep, emotional thing and, also, just how taxing emotionally it is every day to deal with that stuff.

"It'll be an interesting thing to see Jay as a dad, and as an uncle. He'll be good at it," James continues. "We live close by, so the kids can always play."

James is gearing up for a fun Thanksgiving next week, since he'll be performing with one of his longtime heroes. He recorded a duet, 'Good Thing's Gone Bad,' with Ronnie Milsap for his latest album 'Shake What God Gave Ya,' and the two will perform the tune together Thanksgiving night (November 25) on NBC's 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'

James also recently offered up a free download of his new single, 'Soldiers And Jesus,' on participating radio station websites for a week in honor of Veteran's Day. The tune is a tribute to our military and the sacrifices they make for us, and holds a special place in James' heart since he comes from a military family and is a Navy vet himself.