Jake Owen only had a few weeks to get used to married life with his new bride, Lacey Buchanan, before he hit the road with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw on their Brothers of the Sun tour. But while plenty of artist's spouses stay home while their significant other travels all over the country, Mrs. Owen is enjoying her new married life on the road.

"I love having her out there," Jake tells The Boot. "It's awesome. When you get married to someone, you marry them because they're your best friend and you share your life with them. What's better than having your best friend go everywhere with you? The other thing is, most people who are married don't have a chance to get out and travel, because their lives keep them where their jobs are. My job takes me around the country, to beautiful, awesome places, so it's like every week, we're on vacation. And we get to see Kenny and Tim every day, and Grace Potter."

The Florida native is thrilled to have a spot on one of the hottest tours of the summer, but he admits he was a bit surprised when he was invited to hit the road with two of his idols. "I thought they were joking," he recalls of the invitation. "I used to go to Kenny and Tim concerts when I was growing up. I loved those guys. To be on tour with them now, and be coming in and have them include me on stage every night to play a song with them is pretty cool."

The Brothers of the Sun tour has upcoming shows in Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio. See the complete list of concert dates here.

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