Jake OwenJake Owen knows the drill. Fans often give their favorite artists little gifts during the meet 'n 'greet sessions backstage or even hand flowers or a small stuffed animal to them while they're on stage, all in an effort to show their loyalty and affection.

We've seen fans gift artists with everything from freshly ground coffee beans to homemade photo albums. And, of course, Jake has received his fair share of special gifts.

"Every day, every single day we get something interesting," the singer tells The Boot with a laugh. "Usually it's either some sort of candy or homemade baked goods, but then again I'm sometimes given jewelry. I've been given stories and songs that people have written for me. I've been given art work -- pictures of myself that they've drawn of me. I've got stuffed animals given to me ... everything that you can imagine."

Jake takes many of these gifts to heart, keeping them safe-guarded for sentimental reasons.

"I have a locker back in Nashville that we keep all the stuff in," he reveals. "I went through it the other day, and I was just looking at stuff from four or five years ago and how much ... not only how I've grown as a person but how much a lot of my fans have grown that have followed me for a long time. It's pretty neat. It's neat to share your life with people like that."

Jake's fans can track him down at his next performance by clicking here. Hand-made gifts, flowers and trinkets are optional.

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